Battery Design & Testing

Full service in house battery and charger design capability with experienced engineers, full CAD drafting, PCB design, prototyping, tooling through to small or large volume manufacture. We can turn your ideas into reality at the price point appropriate for your market. Testing facilities include:

  • Programmable electronic load testers for battery capacity and cycle life testing.
  • Thermal, shock, vibration, altitude and MIL spec testing for batteries.
  • Complete UN safety testing for lithium metal and lithium ion batteries to ensure they are safe for airfreight according to IATA guidelines (UN section 38.3)
  • CE, EMC, CTick, FCC and other compliance testing for chargers.

UN testing:
Siomar Battery Engineering is able to provide all of the UN T1-T8 Transportation safety tests for Lithium and Lithium ion batteries. This testing is done to verify compliance with UN recommendations on the transport of lithium batteries and is based on the official UN manual of tests and criteria which is used by IATA and airlines to qualify batteries when shipping them by air. Siomar Battery Engineering can test all non rechargeable and rechargeable lithium chemistries. This service is available to manufacturers, researchers, battery assemblers and anyone who requires it but doesn’t have their own in house testing capability or would prefer to utilize our 30 years experience in the design, assembly and testing of batteries.

A certificate and reports containing a comprehensive description of the tests performed and their results are supplied upon completion of testing.

UN Directive (35 KB)